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Scientific Explanation of Vastu Shastra

Scientific Explanation Of Vastu Shastra – All the religious, spiritual, cultural & social guidelines provided by our Gurus, Acharyas, Saints, Rishies and other great people in olden times are one or the other way based on logical reasons essentially required for the existence, surviving, growth and welfare of human being.

It also aims at defining and ensuring proper social system so that a balance between natural powers & earthly environment may be kept intact for ever. It’s true that during Vaidic times our ancestors were greatly benefited by the advanced scientific boons prevailing during that period. Definitely science was at its peak and human being was well in a position to utilise and harness most of the cosmic energies in the manner he desired.

Needless to say that Vastu Shastra is also the knowledge of that time which speaks about the Panch Mahabhuta (five fundamental elements of body), building structure, components of human life, directions, placement & positioning of inmates etc. that can influence the formation, growth & development of Srishti, the nature. Varied combinations & permutations of above cited elements possess the power to define the comfort & agonies of mankind.

Each principle provided by Vastu is strongly backed by the scientific causes. The features, usage & advantages of cellular phones (present mode of communication) is quite similar to those being defined in Vaidic, Ramayan & Mahabharat times when one could speak to others staying too far, even across continents (Saat Samunder Paar). Similarly, aeroplane of those times was known as Udan Khatola. Likewise all the guidelines and vivid impacts of natural powers were explained through Vastu Shastra, in its own terminology per se.

Scientific Explanation of Vastu Shastra
Scientific Explanation of Vastu Shastra

Though old literature in Sanskrit language is the ocean of directives best suited to that period’s social needs but in present era, no much work on academic or laboratory level has taken place on our age old mystic sciences including Vastu. Practitioners’ data, information and analysis are the only basis and major tools to explain the nature of negative or positive vibrations. Even there are less means available to detect the anti-Vastu vibrations moving in and around critical areas like Pooja place, kitchen, study, living area or Bramha Sthan etc. So far as the human being is concerned, most of the times he finds himself helpless to show or prove the different supportive or antagonist effects of negativities on the inmates living in the abode, looking after a business premises or working in an industrial Organization. The more easy way to understand the human’s incapability to sensor the super sensitive and ultra minute natural powers can be seen in locating directions in absence of sun, however a small compass is always capable of indicating directions without any complication.

Now this is high time to explore the best means including instruments and tools so that we can have exact and proper data to analyses on different grounds because this may bless to entire humanity with abandoned cosmic energies to keep one’s life up. I am sure that we can bring the curiosities to factual position if we can be there in a science laboratory equipped with all the required instruments because all the factors rest on scientific grounds.

The Scientific Explanation of vastu shastra; few examples :

Why Vastu appreciates Eastern or Northern facing house:

Scientifically we know that the most cooling & comfortable sun rays required for our wellbeing are present in morning sun light whereas afternoon sun rays are not positively useful for us. The earth is 23.5 degrees tilted on its vertical axis & it moves from west to east & thus there is a great difference between the energies the different surfaces on the same earth receives from the cosmic sphere at the same time. Study of Inospheric propagation & radio waves covers the existence & levels of various layers formed above the earth’s surface.

Accordingly human body acts & reacts to these invisible natural powers, which further reflects in terms of our physical conditions & mental status. That is why Vastu has always been appreciating to build the East or North facing houses or alternatively if you have a plot that is South or West facing, even than it can be made as per Vastu & you can get all the benefits from the same South facing house as you get from the East facing one.

Why WATER element is best in Ishaan (North-east) direction: It is true that absence of Jala Devta (Water element) in the cold corner i.e. Ishaan direction may cause multiple discomforts in terms of financial aspects, yet presence of the same in Agneya (South-east) corner may cause blood & skin related problems. Underground water in Nairutya corner adversely effects the family members.

Water, being the major constituent of Panchtatva (Panch Mahabhuta) plays a vital role in every one’s life. Not only In our age old VASTU SHASTRA it is forbidden to allow the accumulation of water or its stay at a place for long, but also it is scientifically proved that stagnated water in a premises is absolutely unhygeinic & causes health problems, that too if it stays in an area which is away from the influences of anti-bacterial or anti-fungal area. Therefore never allow water to remain still in the premises especially in west, south or South-west as they can least receive the morning hours’ sun rays.

Why South-east direction is the best place for kitchen: it is obvious and natural fact that the earth moves from west to east and Surya Dev (the sun) is stationary. In this course of moving, the earth’s surface is differently blessed with the Agni Tatva (the fire element) during different part of whole day. This is practically proven that the South-east direction of each house receives the maximum quantity of heat as compared to other directions.

Hence Vastu proposes to place your kitchen in South-eastern (Agneya) direction. You may hear few people appreciating their South facing house by saying that they get maximum sun in winter season, but if we remember truthfully we feel delighted if we enjoy the forenoon’s sun during winter season whereas it is too dull if we go to the upstairs/ top of the roof to sleep in afternoon’s sun and get-up at 4 O’clock.

Why staircase should always be clockwise: – Scientifically, there are two parts of our brain, i.e. one part visualises & other processes. The brain is kept intact by a liquid substance called adrenaline and whenever one climbs up fast on anti-clock-wise stairs, the entire liquid is influenced by the centrifugal force being experienced by our body, caused due to speedy turning, the whole system is imbalance for a short time.

Thus visualizing and processing/ analyzing got disturbed. That’s why one starts becoming too much depressed. The best way to overcome the same is to be particular while turning in a stairs built anti-clock-wise. This can more be clarified if you remember that while going up on high swings, one receives a feeling of flying head, fear, opens mouth and an unexplainable funny-feeling, combination of all these feeling makes one cry. Adrenaline is the cause behind the same too.

An appropriate height should always be ensured for easy usage by children, old members, ill persons and likewise. There is no Vastu guideline for the height of each step (riser), but ensure that all the steps bear the same height from floor to top level.

Why odd number of steps are preferred in Vastu shastra :One can find a number of references, articles, books and similar literature emphasising to maintain the odd number of steps in the staircase. But here I would like to clarify that you must have observed that more than 90 % people prefer to put their right foot on the first step. Thus the second foot is on the second step, and you feel too much natural & easy if there is the third step available to reach to the desired height.

FENGSHUI  also explains the same in terms of YIN and YANG energy symbols like if you put your right step to climb up, it symbolises the GROWTH/ UPWARD MOBILITY/ PROGRESS  etc. but the moment you put your left step, it is YIN. So never end you journey to growth on YIN, the negative energy. So try to have the third step. The extract of the above advises to maintain the odd number of steps in your staircase. You can experience the ease/ comfort by doing an experiment of using separate stairs containing 2 or 3 steps. See what feels to be practically comfortable.

Our Government is kind enough to seriously think about initiating such formal studies on academic levels and hopefully our children shall soon be able to get academically & professionally qualified in this valuable field. I am sure that soon we shall be well in a position to practically prove each positive and negative impacts of directions in a house and we shall be fully equipped with a good range of supersensitive tools to get the accurate Vastu data. Scientific Explanation Of Vastu Shastra by Vastu Consultation Dr. Anand Bhardwaj.

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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the eminent vaastu consultant form India. He provides consultation on Vastu Tip, Vastu Direction, Vastu Facing, Vastu Shastra Consultant, Vastu Shastra Consultancy, Vastu Consultancy Services, Fengshui, Pyramidology, Numerology, Energy Scanning, etc.