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Vastu for Quick Marriage, Decent Spouse & Wonderful Life

Vastu for Quick Marriage, Decent Spouse & Wonderful Life by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj – Everybody may desire to have a timely marriage, a decent spouse & leading a hurdle free comfortable married life but having each desire fulfilled is not as easy as to utter the same.

Often those who could not achieve the desired targets may accuse their fate for generating troubles in their way, but VASTU cares for each such personal problem also that can not be shared with our society except very close friends or nearer & dealers. But how Vastu is able to deliver the results is a question of great concern.

VASTU works on the principles of hidden powers/ energies:

The entire universe is governed by various energies that roam about freely in the atmosphere and we recognize most of them by the name of multiple cosmic energies. Everything including air, wood, earth, metal, water, space, fire etc. are made of very small atoms that is further defined by its structure of neutron, proton & electron. The ultimate power which is known as God is also recognized to be the Almighty who blesses us with the life energy.

The basis of human life is also energy and the moment this energy exhausts, the body becomes life-less. Out of these five elements of life, ‘Air’ element stands for a positive movement of various worldly things as well as human’s mobility factor including ‘Marital prospects’.  Therefore if we could activate the room of our North-west corner by placing and adjusting household items as well as to us with bed in South-west of the room, it may accelerate the marital prospects.

Vastu for Quick Marriage

Vastu for Quick Marriage
                             Vastu for Quick Marriage by vastu expert Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

For marriageable girls, I have noticed that the entire Vastu balancing helped a lot by pushing forward the sleeping-stars on right track. Not only this, the marriages so arranged are truly successful.

Luckiest are the people who come to know the secrets and strengths of directions. These secrets have been explored and made public in age old Indian science of direction i.e. Vastu Shastra. Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature. There are different directions & their sub directions which stand for a different factor of human are life. An expert Vastu consultant does nothing but simply boosts the desired element by re-arranging the placement and positioning of the internal articles and inmates. He also sets the face directions of each family member to get the fulfillment of their respective needs. Vastu for Quick Marriage, Vastu for Decent Spouse, Vastu for Decent Wonderful Life.

For an expert Vastu adviser it is very easy to observe & analyses the dis balances generating particular troubles to the inmates & he can prescribe certain changes so that a perfect combination & permutation of various elements and their direction is created. Once the setting is done according to Vastu, it is a lifelong asset for whole of the family. However initially one has to put-in deliberate efforts to maintain the correct frequency of directions’ powers and gradually it becomes the practice for all.

Since the fundamentals of Vastu, its directions, sub-directions, contribution of center point i.e. Bramha Sthana, theory of Panch-tatva, significance of five sense organs and their receptiveness etc. has already been defined in details in past issues, here I would like to emphasis the factors related to marital prospects only. Since marriage is essential for us to have an appropriate social recognition, fulfillment of physical needs (sex-urge) and future prospects of leading a comfortable family life therefore it is also desirable to set yourself according to Vastu.

In this course of action you have to simply place yourself in Vayavya sub direction of North & West. This is the most sensitive direction recognized for its double M nature where M denotes mobility & movement. That is why each person or item in this area tends to move to its target as early as possible. For mobilizing the knot-deed, try to have certain items in couple like a pair of mandarin ducks, red-bordered rose quartz pyramids, crystal balls, love birds etc. in …..   CONTINUED. Vastu for Quick Marriage, Vastu for Decent Spouse, Vastu for Decent Wonderful Life.

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