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Vastu – Synchronising Multiple Positivities Thru Vastu

Vastu – Synchronising Multiple Positivities Thru Vastu– Many times, we are unable to trace the real causes of various unexpected discomforts suddenly appearing in our day-to-day life putting us into physical, social or financial troubles repeatedly. There could be a number of factors behind it but if you are curious to find out the Vastu defects inside your abode, putting all the family members in severe health & wealth problems, check if your Pooja place, money box, toilets, kitchen, children’s study and business dealing table are delivering any negativity, says Vastushastra.

There could be a possibility of stagnation if as a senior family member, you are deprived of sleeping in the Nairutya direction due to any reason. The Pooja place being the most sacred area is always charged with the vibrations you generate through devotion (Pooja) and how much positive reward we get out of it largely depends upon maintaining the sanctity of this place located in Ishaan corner of the premises.

Of course you perform the holy devotions at a place meant for the same purposefully but hardly care where it is located. I have witnessed a number of cases where there was a single wall joining the Pooja place and toilets or these two facing each other.

Sometimes back I came across a typical case when there were three small chambers in a row in Nairutya corner of the house i.e. one toilet, second Pooja place and the third one again a toilet. In another case I met another severely grieved family and found their Pooja place temporarily made for NAVRATRAS (nine days of Goddess Durga). The inmates were very religious minded, God fearing and devotee who had never broken their discipline to keep fasts during all the NAVRATRAS, but it was placed under a slab on which more than 5-6 pairs of old shoes were lying. “Didn’t you notice it before fixing a Pooja area? I asked them.

“No we did not look at so minutely, but definitely this is a blunder on our part to set it like this”, they replied and realizing it they immediately rearranged  the same by removing all the junk items and old shoes, cleaned the area properly. The Pooja placed was shifted from Nairutya to Ishaan in perfect facing of devotee & God. The positive response in terms of multiple comforts was felt by the family members within a couple of weeks. Hence it is always advised to check very minutely before building up a space for performing Pooja. It is always better to place it in the ISHAAN (the place for ISH, the God) direction away from any ill energy emitting place like a toilet, a junk yard, a dustbin or similar unhealthy inauspicious symbols.

Keeping intact the directions’ sanctity: The second thing which I would like to discuss is the ideal place to keep a broom, invented by most of the house wives is the top of a cooler in such a way that everyone can easily look at this ‘decorative’ item whereas broom is always recommended to put on the ground in south or west direction away from anybody’s sight that too laid down instead of standing besides a wall in the house. The utmost care must be taken while fixing a proper place for the same otherwise it may sweep all the positive Chi.

Vastu Impacts of staircases: Staircase is such a structure on which we put our feet while climbing up the first floor or to utilise the roof for residing, putting things, sleeping at night or relaxing by inhaling the fresh air in the evening or a soothing breeze in the morning hours. In one or the other use, the staircases are very frequently used in urban life. There are a number of examples where just to make the best use of the area below the staircase a Pooja place is set there. In this instance also one forgets to contemplate the unholy vibrations we shift through our shoes to worshipping place unconsciously and continuously. So the perfect guidelines as stated by Vastu be followed for betterment.

The unhealthy placement of kitchen, toilets, Pooja place, study area, junk yard, bed room etc. may lead to multiple discomforts to the inmates by inviting skin, blood related, brain related and ENT problems alongwith enhancing the downwards trend of growth and development in terms of monetary aspects. The detailed comprehensive study & perfect analysis of your house, shop, factory, plot, office and other workplace is recommended to be looked at through professional Vastu angles & advice mentioned hereabove.

Maintaining positive study area : Sometimes we notice that despite providing the perfect atmosphere, infrastructure and resources, our dear ones are not concentrating in their studies as desired or our kids are not sufficiently benefited of their hard work they are putting into their studies. In such case too, there can be a number of factors but check if the study area is not located in Ishaan or student is facing to some negative direction. Though there are a number of remedies available in Pyramidology but as an immediate measure you may slide the study area to Ishaan (North-east) with facing towards East or North. However placing a crystal quartz in North-east corner of the study table. This may further boost the study area by blessing the same with positive vibrations.

The family’s harmony : The Vastu formulae to ensure the family’s harmony rests in all the ten directions. For example, if the senior most family member or the chief of the family is placed in his/ her stability direction i.e. Nairutya corner or South-west, he/ she shall easily be able to keep intact the family’s unity, integrity, togetherness and respect for each other because any one placed in this area shall be blessed with supreme power. Think if we have placed the younger in this sensitive and most powerful direction meant for commanding the entire show with gradually increasing sovereignty! “Synchronising Multiple Positivities Thru Vastu

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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the eminent vaastu consultant form India. He provides consultation on Vastu Tip, Vastu Direction, Vastu Facing, Vastu Shastra Consultant, Vastu Shastra Consultancy, Vastu Consultancy Services, Fengshui, Pyramidology, Numerology, Energy Scanning, etc.